Proficiency In Business Development

Looking to become a sales leader to fast forward your career with Proficiency in Business Development Program by FASCOZ? Develop world-class business acumen with a Gen AI integrated curriculum and open yourself to global opportunities.

10 Reasons Why This Programme is Unique

Hear from our programme alumni

FASCOZ's program transformed my approach. Now, I'm a Sales Manager exceeding targets and setting new records.

Rajesh Sales Manager

Thanks to FASCOZ, I've unlocked new opportunities and my dream job as a Business Development Executive.

Preeti Business Development Executive

The Proficiency in Business Development program elevated my skills. Today, I lead as a Sales Director.

Amit Sales Director

FASCOZ's program refined my abilities. I now excel as a Sales Specialist, consistently surpassing expectations.

Neha Sales Specialist

I credit FASCOZ for my success as a Business Development Manager. Their program is truly transformative.

Rahul Business Development Manager

FASCOZ empowered me to become a Sales Team Lead, leading by example and mentoring my team.

Kavita Sales Team Lead

With FASCOZ, I transitioned from a beginner to a Sales Analyst, thanks to their comprehensive program.

Ankit Sales Analyst

I attribute my strategic sales mindset to FASCOZ. Now, I thrive as a Sales Strategist.

Priya Sales Strategist

FASCOZ's program opened doors to the role of a Business Development Consultant, guiding businesses to success.

Varun Business Development Consultant

FASCOZ's program catapulted my career. I now lead as a Regional Sales Head, shaping the future of our region.

Sneha Regional Sales Head

Top Business Development Career Opportunity

Business Officer
Marketing Officer
Lead Sales
Inside Sales Associate
Relationship Manager
Growth Manager
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Program Manager
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Real-World Curriculum

Module 1: Role of Business Development

  • The nature and role of Business development
  • Types of Business development
  • The relationship and Difference between sales and marketing

Module 2: Consumer and Organisational Behaviour

  • Factors affecting the consumer decision-making process
  • Factors affecting organisational behaviour
  • Differences between consumer and organisational buying

Module 1: Personal Business Development Skills 

  • The opening
  • Need and problem identification
  • The presentation and demonstration
  • Dealing with objections
  • Negotiation
  • Closing the sale
  • Follow-up
  • Body signals 

Module 2: Key Account Management 

  • What is key account management?
  • Advantages and dangers of key account management
  • Deciding whether to use key account management
  • The tasks and skills of key account management

 Module 1: Recruitment and Selection  

Preparation of the job description and specification 

Identification of sources of recruitment and methods of communication 


The interview 

Managing Freshers

Managing Mid Level Professionals

What should you expect ?

Learn from Leading Industry Experts:

Expect in-depth knowledge imparted by renowned professionals in the Proficiency in Business Development program by FASCOZ. Benefit from their insights, experience, and proven strategies, ensuring a rich learning experience.

Reinforce Learning by Applying Concepts:

Anticipate practical application. The FASCOZ program encourages hands-on practice, solidifying your grasp of business development principles. Real-world scenarios hone your skills, preparing you for success.

Network with Current and Future Business Developers:

Prepare to forge valuable connections in the business world. Through FASCOZ's extensive network, interact with current and future business developers, cultivating relationships that could lead to collaborations and opportunities.


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